WM Technologies

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Introducing our portfolio of most recognized and proprietary innovations from WM Technologies

Magic Eye 3.0

Own creation, the only high-quality 3D laser scanner, with remote data transfer for long-term piping monitoring without stopping the plant, obtaining more than 1,300,000 data per second with its technological integration of multiple sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning, allow to maintain and control, with a non-invasive system, the structural integrity of the pipings. Allows monitoring of all types of fluids, all types of gases, acid and blending.

Patented Product.

Auto Sustentability Plant

Design of the first Integral Auto Sustentability Plant in the world (name coined by WM Technologies) with 100% green hydrogen with seawater without desalination and NCRE. It consists of obtaining, through the green hydrogen produced with our own WM 1007 anode and electrolyser, enough energy to in turn produce home energy, food, drinking water, energy recirculation and electromobility, all with the aim that a single production process of H2 allows human self-sustainability.

Patented Procedure.

WM 1007 Anode

Development of an anode that allows the production of 100% green hydrogen with seawater without desalination. Its high mechanical and electrical properties prevent early corrosion, extending its useful life in the processes.

Patented Product.

Magic CO2 Filter

New filter system to reduce CO2 emissions with more than 600 CPSI for underground mines and confined spaces, portable, easy to install and adaptable to any type of vehicle. Meets EPA and OBD2 emission standards.

Patented Product.

Automated Transfer Chute

New automated Transfer Chute connection and disconnection system for SAG and Ball mills that does not require bolts in the upper connection. This reduces declared connection and disconnection times by at least 68%, also reducing associated costs and risks.

Patented Product.


We offer the best protection against impact, with a wide range of solutions in industrial workwear and PPE, prioritizing comfort and safety. Our portfolio of materials with soft and flexible products guarantees protection in your daily use, in addition to providing the only certified clothing protection in Chile for impact.

Patented Product.

Space Mining

Its objective is to build the Space Mining industry in Chile and Latin America, it will allow us to develop capacities in Telecommunications, Intelligent Systems, Robotics, Data Analytical Energy and Artificial Intelligence.